Beijing Easpring Technology Material Co., Ltd.

Beijing Easpring ConsultingGEMC has a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Easpring Material Technology Co. (“Easpring”), a leading battery manufacturing company, to jointly invest in and develop cobalt projects.

Easpring is recognized as a leader in its industry and was the first Chinese supplier to export lithium cathode material to multiple overseas markets. Founded in 2001 and based in Beijing, China, Easpring engages in the research, development, refinement, production and sale of energy materials. It offers lithium cobalt oxide, multi-element oxide, lithium manganese oxide, and other cathode materials for small lithium batteries and power batteries, as well as electronic ceramics materials. The company is a leading specialized supplier of cathode material for lithium-ion batteries to industry giants. At present, Easpring supplies five of the world’s six largest lithium battery manufacturers, and is the only Chinese supplier of high quality cathode materials to China, Japan and Korea’s high-end lithium ion battery markets.

As part of the strategic cooperation agreement, GEMC and Easpring have agreed to a joint venture that will allow for the identification, acquisition, development, funding and commercialization of cobalt projects. GEMC will acquire the expertise and relationships that Easpring offers, including low-cost capital from Chinese institutions, leading Chinese engineering and construction expertise, as well as Chinese machinery, equipment and other critical suppliers that meet world-class standards of quality at competitive costs in exchange for access to GEMC’s project development opportunities.

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