Mount Isa Cobalt-Copper-Gold Projects — Queensland Australia

The Mount Isa Cobalt-Copper-Gold Projects

The Mt Isa Inlier is a highly mineralised, established, world class mining jurisdiction with significant regional infrastructure several world-class copper-gold-cobalt and lead-zinc-silver mines and deposits, including CuDeco Limited’s operating Rocklands copper-gold-cobalt project.

Exploration to date has returned outstanding, high-grade intercepts and there is excellent potential to significantly improve the JORC Resources in tonnes and grade with multiple high grade targets awaiting further exploration and testwork. Significant cobalt intercepts include:

  • Millennium resource drilling:
    • 19m @ 0.67% CoEq (0.38% Co, 1.27% Cu, 0.7g/t Au), including 5m @ 1.46% CoEq (0.6% Co, 3.67% Cu and 2.33g/t Au) in Q-012;
    • 24m @ 0.20% CoEq (0.15% Co, 0.23% Cu and 0.09g/t Au) in MIRC013, including 4m @ 0.60% CoEq (0.51% Co, 0.46% Cu and 0.16g/t Au); and
    • 12m @ 0.30% CoEq (0.19% Co, 0.57% Cu and 0.19g/t Au) in MIRC014, including 4m @ 0.39% CoEq (0.30% Co, 0.44% Cu and 0.14g/t Au).
  • Mount Dorothy exploration drilling:
    • 7m @ 0.14% Co, 2.55% Cu
    • 2m @ 0.12% Co, 0.13% Cu
  • Cobalt Ridge exploration roc chip sampling:
    • 0.31% Co, 3.63% Cu, 1.25g/t Au

The deposits and prospects are similar in size and style to other deposits in the region that have been successfully mined by small-scale open pit techniques which implies that the Project mineralisation may be economically extracted. Preliminary hydrometallurgical studies have demonstrated the potential for the recovery of saleable cobalt and copper concentrates.

Through its wholly-owned subsidiary Element Minerals Australia PTY, Global Energy Metals has established extensive tenement holdings totalling 2560 hectares across the Mt Isa and Cloncurry district in northwest Queensland; containing a number of properties with significant cobalt exploration potential. These range from undeveloped exploration prospects to JORC-compliant resources. The properties include Millennium copper cobalt deposit, and the Mount Dorothy and Cobalt Ridge exploration prospects.

The Mt Isa Inlier is of the world’s most significant gold and base metal producing districts, host to many world class copper-gold and lead-zinc-silver ore bodies. The region is also prospective for gold, phosphate, cobalt, rare-earths, molybdenum and rhenium mineralisation and has a number of significant operating mines and new projects in development. There is well established mining, transport and processing infrastructure in close proximity to the regional centres of Mt Isa and Cloncurry.

Project Location showing Prospects with Significant Cobalt Results

Mining and exploration services are present in the town of Cloncurry, 30 km to the south-east and Mt Isa 120 km to the west. Both Cloncurry and Mt Isa have sealed runway airports, schools, hospitals, accommodation and other support infrastructure.

The Project is accessed via the Mt Isa Cloncurry Hwy, Burke Development Road and a network of public and private graded roads. These are generally well maintained, due to the existence of several development projects in the district requiring all weather access.

A 600 km railway line runs from Cloncurry to Townsville and is suitable for the transport of concentrates.

Container, cargo and bulk ore-handling port facilities in Townsville 600 km to the east (access by road and rail from Cloncurry).

Water is supplied from Lake Julius to the Ernest Henry Copper project and then Cloncurry town by a pipeline. The closest approach of the pipeline to the Project is at Cloncurry (35km to the east). The line has a capacity of 7,000 mega litres per annum.

Mount Dorothy

Mount Dorothy is located on EPM14019, 40 kilometres east of the main regional centre of Mt Isa, in northwest Queensland. It is situated 10km south of the sealed Barkley Highway that services the region. Access is via the Barkley Highway for 30km east of Mount Isa then 20km south along station tracks.

Mount Dorothy contains two known copper prospects,. Holes drilled on the prospects contain significant cobalt intercepts.

Cobalt mineralisation is widespread across the mineralised zone, with ten drillholes returning cobalt values in excess of 0.05%. Significant intercepts are shown in table 14.

Significant Drillhole Cobalt Intercepts




Mount Dorothy


7m @ 0.14% Co, 2.55% Cu from 18m


2m @ 0.12% Co, 0.13% Cu from 82m


4m @ 0.09% Co, 0.25% Cu from 51m


1m @ 0.16% Co, 0.93% Cu from 187m


Cobalt Ridge

Cobalt Ridge is a greenfields exploration prospect located 40 kilometres west of Cloncurry and 80 kilometres east of the main regional centre of Mt Isa, in northwest Queensland. It is situated 5km south of the sealed Barkley Highway that services the region.

Rock chip sampling was conducted by Eagle Mining Pty Ltd in 1999. The area was noted as being prospective, but follow-up drilling was not undertaken.

Significant Rock Chip Cobalt Results


 Co % 

 Cu % 

 Au g/t 

Cobalt Ridge













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